Our Signature Treatment

Enzyme Therapy is our signature treatment and operates under a philosophy of Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain.

Designed to improve the skin’s structural integrity, Enzyme Therapy works with the skin’s biochemistry to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in. This treatment removes toxins and impurities as well as plumps, firms and tightens the skin.

Our Enzyme facials are results driven and so you feel the products working during the treatment. Your lymphatic system is stimulated with fresh oxygen and nutrient rich blood that is pumped through the capillaries in your face feeding your skin cells. All our Enzyme facials are paired with a personalised at-home plan that will continue to relieve concerns such as dehydration, loss of firmness, rough texture, congestion, pigmentation and dullness between your sessions.



An introduction to the Enzyme experience and recommended for all new Willow clients. Perfect for anti-aging, pigmentation, acne, rosacea and sensitive skin. Skin is deeply cleaned using one of our signature rituals. One pre-exfoliation is customised to your unique needs prior to a personalised infusion of enzymes being applied to the skin, dissolving dead cell build up and returning optimal function.
Ideal for first time clients or those on a maintenance program.
For optimal results we recommend new clients undergo a series of 3 Level One Enzyme Therapy treatments, to be performed 1-2 weeks apart.

Single treatment $200
A new client introductory set of 3 for $480



An elevated enzyme indulgence. Perfect for a complete and immersive treatment to treat stubborn skin conditions. Skin is deeply cleaned using one of our signature rituals and then exfoliated to relieve a tired complexion. An additional exfoliation step is layered in to achieve a completely retextured base. Then a personalised infusion of enzymes is then applied to the skin, dissolving dead cell build up and returning optimal function.
*Available as a skin revision program



Our most advanced enzyme treatment. Skin is deeply cleansed using on of our signature rituals before three pre-exfoliations are applied. Each exfoliant is tailored to your unique skin needs and targets specific concerns, often with more than one skin concern being addressed simultaneously. A personalised infusion of enzymes is then applied to the skin, dissolving dead cell build up and returning optimal function. Perfect for acne scarring or combatting signs of ageing, our Level Three Enzyme Therapy will transform the way your skin looks and feels, for long-lasting results.
*Available as a skin revision program



Skin Needling

Skin needling stimulates healthy new collagen and elastin production, helping to plump, smooth and tighten the skin, with minimal down time. The wound healing response triggered by the skin needling device gliding over your skin, causes collagen to remodel and dramatically improve the skin’s appearance.

Skin needling can effectively treat a range of skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles, trauma scars, scar tissue, stretch marks, pigmentation, acne, problematic skin, rosacea and enlarged pores.

An assessment of your skin health will need to be performed prior to your first skin needling treatment at Willow. We adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to this treatment to ensure our clients needs and skin concerns are completely looked after. Since our skin needling treatments require prepping the skin with paramedical products to encourage optimal skin health and promote healing prior to undergoing needling, a Willow skin expert will contact you prior to your skin needling appointment to arrange a skin health assessment.

Perfect for those who are new to Willow so we can prepare the skin for needling or for existing clients who can use the enzyme treatments between needling sessions.

x2 Enzyme therapy sessions
x1 Skin needling session
x1 Take home Hyla-active masque
x1 Travel essential pack to maintain the skin 



This singular skin needling treatment is recommended for regular Willow clients whose skin has been prepped for needling.

x1 Skin needling session
x1 Take home Hyla-active masque



This set of six treatments is recommended for best results, treatments to performed 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks apart, depending on skin concerns. Your skin therapist will customise the program for your unique needs.

x6 Skin needling sessions
x6 Hyla-active masques
x1 EFA Ultra
x1 Beta Gel



Continue the benefits of skin needling beyond your face and neck with this add-on décolletage treatment.



Our Signature Body Treatment

A specialist range of our signature Enzyme Therapy treatments designed to achieve body tone and texture.

Revise and Refresh
from 60 minutes

Contour and strengthen the skin. Perfect for lymphatic drainage. Treat fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, pigmentation and stretch marks. A deep exfoliation is followed by an infusion of Enzymes designed specifically for the body.

Half Body $280

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