We know men’s skin is different.

Confident style starts with clean, fresh and supple skin. We help you learn about your skin and what is best for it. Often, a simple grooming routine that actively cleans, adds moisture and reduces irritation is what’s required. The key is consistency and we can show you the products and routines you need to master to stay looking young.

  • No imperfections

  • No dry itchy face

  • No wrinkles

Begin with an in-studio, personalised skin diagnosis where your particular needs will be uncovered. Follow with a completely tailored in-studio skin treatment every 6 weeks. Continue with a customised at-home routine morning and night.

Skin Diagnosis

This 30-minute prelude to any of our services is essential in determining your unique needs. We tailor your treatments based on this skin health check, working with you to address any mix of concerns across ageing, wrinkles, lifting, firming, radiance, brightening and acne.
Redeemable on products or skin treatments at time of skin diagnosis.



Our Signature For Men

Relax, learn and care for your skin.

Cleanse & Condition
45 minutes

Our signature facial for men involves a customised sequence of deep cleanse, light exfoliation and calming hydration that is enhanced by a heavenly relaxation massage to leave you with clean, fresh and energised skin.


Extend your treatment with these optional extras

We invite you to add….

Deep Exfoliation
15 minutes

A controlled micro-removal of the epidermis to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and perfectly clarified.


Deep Tissue Massage
15 minuteS

A trigger point face and scalp massage to alleviate muscle tension and restore calm to the skin.


Advanced Anti-Ageing
45 minutes

A personalised infusion of enzymes is applied to your face to remove toxins and impurities as well as plump, firm and tighten the skin.


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